2 comments on “Marriage is a Blood Covenant

  1. I don’t think you can point to any bible passage that says sex is a blood covenant. Marriage is a covenant but never a blood covenant. Not all girls will bleed the first time they have sex.


    • Christian doctrine isn’t always about identifying a particular scripture verse to prove a point.

      Many times it’s about piecing together different principles to arrive at a Holy Ghost inspired conclusion.

      Fact #1 Marriage is a covenant

      Fact #2 The perfect will of God is that people be virgins when they marry

      Fact #3 Why would God specifically create a woman with a Hymen that would bleed the first time she has sex if the flowing of blood during the consummation of the marriage was not significant?

      Fact #4 Everything God does He does with a specific purpose in mind

      Fact #5 Conclusion: Since we know that marriage is a covenant and that God purposed it so that under normal circumstances blood would flow every time a marriage covenant was consummated, it is logical to conclude then that God intended marriage to be a covenant ratified with blood… A blood covenant!


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