2 comments on “The Church: Hospital For Sinners or Club For Saints?

  1. Well said and spot on indeed.
    We are instructed to ‘Preach’ outside that they may change.
    Having brought forth fruits of true repentance, they come into the threshing floor and get ‘discipled’ in order to conform into His image . (We teach inside not Preach…there is a difference)

    Of course the church ‘system’ as it is today has gotten this the other way round, hence we see a lot of ‘advertising’ and ‘promotions’ all geared towards increasing numbers.

    They shouldn’t come into the synagogue until their minds are transformed. if they come in with an unregenerate mind, then they will not only be washouts but also have the yeast effect.

    if only more churches would listen.

    More grace to you.


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