8 comments on “The Church: Hospital For Sinners or Club For Saints?

  1. Well said and spot on indeed.
    We are instructed to ‘Preach’ outside that they may change.
    Having brought forth fruits of true repentance, they come into the threshing floor and get ‘discipled’ in order to conform into His image . (We teach inside not Preach…there is a difference)

    Of course the church ‘system’ as it is today has gotten this the other way round, hence we see a lot of ‘advertising’ and ‘promotions’ all geared towards increasing numbers.

    They shouldn’t come into the synagogue until their minds are transformed. if they come in with an unregenerate mind, then they will not only be washouts but also have the yeast effect.

    if only more churches would listen.

    More grace to you.


  2. I disagree completely… This is what religion has taught you and brought division. I also believe there are self proclaimed christians in the club who alike are not transformed both in mind, flesh and spirit. Being cannal beings, sin is not something that can be scrapped off unless God Himself our physician is involved. Christ dined with sinners. Where two or more are gathered… Irrespective of the place, you were once a non believer and now that you believe, watch lest you fall. The church from whichever perspective… Our hearts, the four walled building … If His presence departs it then becomes an empty vessel.


  3. I think you may have missed the context of this saying. Typically when I have heard this quoted it was to people who say things like “if I step into a church it will catch fire” or “I’m not good enough to go to church”.
    We are all sinners and the reason Christians attend church is because they recognise they are sinners and have a need for a saviour. Perfect people (people who THINK they are perfect) don’t need church, broken people do!


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dee. I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

      I understand the context perfectly and it is not scriptural as I painstakingly explained in detail.

      Inviting sinners to come to church is not scriptural!

      We are commanded by Jesus TO GO to where they are, evenagelise them and get them saved, THEN they will want to come to church.

      Congregating in church is for CHRISTIANS not for the unsaved.

      Christians don’t come to church because they are sinners… that’s 100% unscriptural.

      You said, “We are all sinners and the reason Christians attend church is because they recognise they are sinners and have a need for a saviour.”

      You cannot be a Christian AND be a sinner at the same time.

      You are either one or the other.

      We were all born sinners, but when you receive Jesus as your Savior you become a Child of God and are no longer a sinner.

      Christians come to church to worship God together and to learn more about Jesus and how to be of service to others.

      We don’t come to church because we need a Savior… that’s unscriptural.

      If you’re a Christian you already have a Savior and you come to church to learn more about Him, etc.

      The whole point of my Blog Post is to correct this erroneous practice of inviting sinners to church and hope they get saved.. that’s NOT what Jesus told us to do.

      We are to engage sinners where ever we find them… on the job, in school, while conducting business, in social gatherings, everywhere, and get them saved right there.

      Then AFTER we lead them to Christ and they receive Salvation we invite the New Believer to church to get taught the ways of God so they can now become effective in discipling others.

      Jesus never told us to invite sinners to church to have the Pastor do our work for us.

      Every Christian is given the Ministry of Reconciliation… not just Preachers.

      So, according to the Bible, the Church is NOT a hospital for sinners… it is dfinitely more of a Club for Saints!


  4. I’m actually using this saying (though with “museum” instead of “club”) in a sermon this week. The root of the sermon is in Exodus 33, where Moses is hidden in the cleft of the rock while the glory of God passes by, with a comparison and contrast to the passage in 1 Kings 19 where Elijah runs to Horeb in fear for his life from Jezebel. While the focus of the message is actually that the “Church” is composed of the people and is far beyond the church building itself, sometimes “*a* church” can be like a “cleft in the rock” for those seeking shelter from the storms of life, a place to which they may run because they know that, on Sunday mornings, there should be “Christians” there who supposedly have an understanding of the struggles they may be having.

    With the “museum” wording instead of “club”, what I see is that a museum is a place where dead things are given a semblance of life but are, in fact, merely representations of what is bygone and past. A “hospital”, however, is a place where the sick come seeking to be made well, or where the injured come hoping to find healing. It is a place where “life” is happening, right now, and it is hoped that, when the “patients” walk out the doors, it is with a *new* life to be lived ahead of them.

    At the same time, I get where you’re coming from: the “Church” is far beyond the walls of any gathering place. The only thing I would point out is that, no, there is no invitation to “come to church” in the Scriptures, because such places did not yet exist; Paul, however, went to the synagogues and to the places where people worshiped to meet them in the places where they were *hoping* to find spiritual answers to life’s questions. He never told them they were looking in the wrong *building*, though perhaps in the wrong *place*! 😉


    • I appreciate you, Steve and what you’ve shared here.

      The way you express yourself I can discern the Spirit of Christ about you and it is quite refreshing.

      God bless you, my Brother!

      I pray success for you in ministering the Spirit and the Word of God through your messages.

      I still maintain everything I have written in my original post, however, and I don’t see aything you have shared here that refutes my argument.

      In fact, you said one thing that actually has me a little confused.

      You said, “The only thing I would point out is that, no, there is no invitation to “come to church” in the Scriptures, because such places did not yet exist.”

      All through the Book of Acts Believers were having church services in houses everywhere and eventually there were large churches established in major cities throughout the land.

      Like the Churches at Ephesus, Thessalonica, Philippi, Galatia and Corinth, to whom Paul wrote his epistles.

      So, what do you mean by “such places did not exist?”

      In addition, when Paul went to the Synagogues he was actually obeying Jesus’ command to “Go into all the world” because the synagogues were filled with unsaved religious people who needed to hear the gospel.

      He was actually going to where the sinners were, to get them saved, which is the very point I’ve been making all along.

      Paul didn’t invite sinners to come to church with him… he went to them.

      When he wanted to engage Jews he went into their synagogues and engaged them on their turf.

      When he wanted to engage Greeks he went to Mars Hill and engaged them on their turf, speaking in terms they would understand.

      Whether he found himself in the marketplace or prison or where ever he was, he engaged sinners right there and got them saved.

      He became all things to all men so that he might win some.

      The one thing he did not do, was invite sinners to church… because that was unscriptural.

      I’m not saying it’s a sin to do so, I’m just saying it’s not what Jesus commanded us to do.

      “Go ye therefore into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15


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