2 comments on “What is the Purpose of Life?

  1. In addition.

    The key to Dominion is maturity!
    Eccl 8.4 & because our kingship is already inferred at point of new birth 1 peter 2:9, what is needed is to ‘grow’ into the office…Gal 4:1

    ‘Channelling Gods power to impact
    The primary conduit of this is through the words we speak!! (Gods word coming from our mouths)

    #God spoke in the beginning…we were formed as a speaking spirit also.
    #Adam 1st demonstrated his Dominion’ by naming all the animals (speaking)…
    #God has honoured his word above His name…

    Our tongues actually are our sceptre!
    (So we must wield it carefully)

    A good measure of our maturity is how many situations we ‘speak to’ and they respond.
    E.g. ‘This sickness is not unto death’. ‘Rise take up your bed & walk’. ‘Tabitha Cunmi’

    Sadly too many Christian’s wrongly associate dominion as the world does : Money/Power/Respect.

    Grace to you


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