9 comments on “In Jesus Name… What Does it Really Mean?

  1. What a powerful story! I especially appreciate this truthful nugget: “To the degree that you conform to the image of Christ and submit to His Spirit in you is to the same degree that demons will recognize the image of Christ in you and obey His Spirit through you.”


  2. AMEN. to your statement “God’s word authorizes your words.” As Kenneth Hagin said, “Let’s start exercising our AUTHORITY” in everything we do; in our families, at our workplace, etc.


  3. It’s so important to firstly know that we actually have authority (which is certainly news to many Christians) and secondly how to actually use that authority. Thanks for a great post!


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  5. I agree. So many people use the phrase “in Jesus’ name” thinking it seals up what they are asking, when even a cursory look at scripture would tell them that what they are asking is clearly out of line with what God says. If we start with scripture, then bring our requests in line with that, then we’d see a lot more power in the church and in our lives!


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