8 comments on “Are Atheists Fools?

  1. I have heard the message, many times, my parents were some of its better messengers. Have you, as a messenger, listened to the message from the other side? Do you understand biology, statistics, chemistry, calculus and so on? If you can’t hear or understand the message from the other side how can you understand what it’s messengers are saying when you talk with them?


  2. I recently read an excellent testimony of a former atheist who is an astrophysicist -a person well acquainted with biology, stats, chemistry, and so on. This astrophysicist came to Christ as a result of their studies.
    Sometimes, it is easier for people to relate to others who were once in the same state of ignorance, or circumstances.

    In the Bible, Christ says,”My sheep here my voice.”
    Christ is appearing to many unbelievers in visions and dreams and creating new Evangelists to effectively reach these lost ones -just as Saul was reached on the Road to Damascus.
    Only those Called to God will open their ears to the Truth.

    So what can Christians do to help the lost find their way home?
    It is important to do as Christ commanded : “Love one another as I have loved you.”
    By showing the Love of Christ to others, we leave the door open for further discussion.

    When someone thanks us for something, we need to remain humble and acknowledge God’s hand in our lives. We can tell people, “The thanks belongs to Jesus, it is only because of Jesus that I can do anything.”

    I have heard many testimonies of people delivered from all sorts of afflictions, because they were able to reach out to Christians who had shown quiet faith and love towards them in the face of scorn and ridicule.
    We need to shine with the Love of Christ and be beacons to guide people safely through the rocks and stormy seas, back home into God’s Love and acceptance.
    Remember , God was not in the raging storm, the earthquake, nor the fire,but in the still small voice. I Kings 19:11-12


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