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Everest John Alexander here!

Thanks for visiting!

I’ve been married to my best friend, Loraine for 35 years, I’ve been a Bible Teacher for over 30 and an Author for almost 20.

Loraine and I have two exceptional adult kids in their 30s, Ishmael and Jade, and a brilliant and beautiful grandson named, Noah.

We migrated to Port St Lucie, Florida in 2001 from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean (Tobago is pronounced “Tuh-BAY-go” NOT “Tuh-BAG-o”).

In 2009 we moved 10 miles north to Fort Pierce where we live today.


My Purpose

My Purpose consists of my Ministry and my Mission.

My Ministry is my primary service to the Body of Christ.

My Mission is my primary service to the World.

My Ministry is to raise up competent Kingdom Citizens by effectively instilling the Principles of God’s Kingdom in them, through accurate teaching of God’s Word and helping them activate and cultivate their Spiritual Gifts.

My Mission is to live, work and play embodying the nature and character of Christ while promoting the culture of God’s Kingdom. The end result is to reconcile individuals to God through a New Covenant relationship with Jesus Christ.


Ministry & Mission

My Ministry Website is located here ==> Light and Truth Ministries

My Online Christian Community and Bible Study Center is here ==> Kingdom Learning Network

For more about me check out the “My Interest” and “My Testimony” Tabs above!

May God Bless You Richly!



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