5 comments on “The Unspeakable Gift of Life and Time

  1. Thank you, brother Alexander. A stimulating and encouraging discussion; it was especially pleasant to review the chain of relationships linking D.L. Moody and Billy Graham. It seems very possible that with the advent of the internet, the classic ‘six degrees’ principle may be amplified, and the steps of relationship linking nearly everyone on earth reduced from six to a smaller number. In any case, your site and your own story make it clear that you value the free will and time God have given you, and are making the most of both in His service. Blessings and best wishes, Will Hensel, Houston.


    • Brother Hensel,

      The time you took to share your thoughts and the actual words you wrote have blessed me more deeply than you can imagine!

      Thank you, my brother!

      May God continue to bless the work of your hands and prosper you as you worship Him in Spirit and in Truth!


  2. Hello Everest, This is so powerful. It helps us to step back and look at the big picture of our lives and our influence as we share Jesus with others. My mother was led to the Lord at a Billy Graham crusade and she led me to the Lord. So I guess that means I am 2 degrees away from Billy Graham and 8 degrees from Edward Kimball. Praise God! I want to be obedient every day to share Him with others so the exponential progression can continue. Blessings, Amy Hagerup


    • Hi Amy,

      I was just going through my old Blog Posts and Comments and discovered yours. And I realized I never replied to your wonderful comment… I am so sorry.

      Thank you for reading and replying to my post and sharing your own testimony about Billy Graham and Edward Kimball.

      God bless you richly, my Sister!

      If you want to, you can check out my Online Christian Community and Bible Study Center at http://www.KingdomLearning.com

      It’s got free Videos, Articles, Ebooks, Bible Study Courses, and a lot more, including an exclusive Christian Video Library with over 25,000 bible study videos for kids, teens, and adults!


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